Thor Mýrdal is a composer, sounddesigner, voiceover actor and singer for game, film and the stage.




Thor studied opera singing at “Renate-Pribert-Zimny” and sings since nearly two decades in Rock and Metalbands.
He started composing at the age of twelve and has a wide variety of skillsets in music, ranged from classical to metal or electronic music, until even jazz arrangements.
If there is anything he doesn´t know, he simply lern how it is done.

He started working 2010 as a freelance composer, first just parttime. Since 2014 he is working fulltime as a composer, sounddesigner and singer.



“Teddy Florea” as his agent/advisor/business developer for and in the games industry.


“Komposium LLC” as his distributor for high quality, exclusive stock soundtracks and library music.



Thor Mýrdal is part of the “12min.me” assosciation, he organises, moderates and networks differnt verticals. The common goal is to educate and connect people and indsutries throughout the digital economy.

Apes Enraged

He also organises parts of the “Apes Enraged Open Air” in Hamburg, helps out with booking, event engineering and the famous suckling pig.


He is teaching, gutural singing based on opera singing technices, how to maintain a good, healthy voice during long periods of speaking in loud environments and composing with a focus on music theorie and use of DAW´s and virtual instruments.

Since Idea Games

“Since Idea Games” a company which is specialised in VR applications and game production is one of the companies he represents during conferences as a business developer.



Thor is the composer, producer and lead singer of the Hamburg based Pagan Metalband “Aletrun” since 2010, so far the band ahs released two Albums.


The studied opera singer is touring worldwide for different shows and companies as a counter-tenor.
Last time he was touring 2015 for five weaks at the behalf of “China Concerts” at the eastcoast of China.


Thor is the lead singer of the Hamburg based Black Metalband “Nerull” since 2018, the band is releasing a new album in 2018..



Thor is taking a hugh priority towards working on VR/AR projects in soundtrack and sounddesign. He dedicates himself to bring this branch of the digital industry to the highest standarts productionwise and contributed his work to games, films, applications and events.


Thor is mainly working as a composer, sounddesigner and voiceover artist in the videogame industry, he does work ranged from indie till AAA.


The main part of his work is here towards imagefilms and trailers.


Thor writes stagemusic for entertainmentshows, like the last theater tour of “Lilo Wanders”.


The Metalhead also offers his work and diverse understanding of scoring towards Rock and Metalbands, either for the stage or for Album/EP productions.